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I Love Cuckolding

I'm a Cuckolding Princess so you know that my lifestyle is all about cuckolding and paypigs.

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August 01 2012
Posted by cuckoldingkarin  [ 08:30 ]
Just look at them! My 36D tits are big enough to slide an 11" big black cock through and still lick the head. My cuckold is so amazed when he watches me get titty fucked by a big black bull. He sits in his dunce chair and strokes that little pin dick until it squirts all over. Of course, he is not allowed to make a mess and has to lick it up wherever he squirts it.

He loves watching that big chocolate stick slide between my creamy tits. Sometimes I even let him rub coconut oil between them so he can get in on the action too. Once I even let him suck on, but that was a little awkward because the Bull punched him to get out of the way.

I like to try and get a good titty fuck in at least once a week. It feels so good to feel that hard cock sliding in and out of my tits while I squeeze them together. I do love to have them played with and my nipples squeezed while he fucks between them. Cuckold loves it too, maybe a little too much!
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July 25 2012
Posted by cuckoldingkarin  [ 08:00 ]
I'm so obsessed with BBC. I swear, if you have never seen one of those huge big black cocks then you are really missing out. They're HUGE and so nasty. I personally like fucking them, but what I really love is watching my cuckold get down on his knees and totally devour it with his lips. Somehow he can manage to get that thick dick inside his mouth and suck it.

I enjoy watching him work his head up and down over that big stick. Sometimes he gags on it and sometimes just sucks it down like a pro. It's always very humiliating for him too, and makes his sickening little dick hard. I think that is why he likes it so much, because his little worm just can't compare to that big black cock.

He even likes watching while I fuck it. He either sits back and strokes his tiny pin dick or he'll lick my ass while I'm riding cowgirl. Either way, he's just a cuckold who loves being such a nasty perv.
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July 21 2012
Posted by cuckoldingkarin  [ 20:18 ]
If you are one of the cuckolds who enjoy my humiliation assignments then you will be pleased to know that I have come out with two this week that are a lot of fun. OK, most of my assignments are fun. I'm not just the type of domme that says stick a dildo up your ass and squeal like a pig - no. That kind of assignment I want you to show me your cam and I'll watch you make a fool of yourself for me.

The first assignment you can actually put the result on a normal social networking site because you're not naked, but the outcome is oh so hilarious. I saw this on television and my first thought was 'omg I have to get some losers to do this!'

The other assignment, a nasty cum guzzling assignment, will have you eating your own cum. I know that many of you are reluctant to do this, but don't be afraid! It's not so bad once you try it. LOL

Both assignments can be found on my Niteflirt fetish store or on my cuckolding blog.

I come out with humiliation assignments almost weekly so go to the fetish store to find more or stay tuned for others. xoxo

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Posted by cuckoldingkarin  [ 20:09 ]
Beautiful Femdomme I thought I'd start off by introducing myself. My name is Karin and I'm a cuckoldress. I see that most blog on this site are dedicated to women's body parts and that I had to LOL at. Yes, I know you love to look at my big beautiful tits, and you will see a lot of those, but you will also get an eyeful of cuckolding.

What is cuckolding? In the general sense it is when a woman cheats on her significant other with or without his knowledge. In My world of cuckolding, my boyfriend knows I'm fucking around behind his back and it's usually with guys who boast a nice big black cock. My cuckold gets both humiliated and turned on by the fact that I am sexually satisfied by someone other than him.

Some cuckolds are dominant men. Mine are not. I'm not a submissive slut or anything of the sort. I am a Goddess. I fuck around with whomever I want, whenever I want. When I bring him home I expect my cuckold to serve us and fluff my guest up before we fuck. I expect him to suck his dick when I don't feel like it. I expect him to do so much more.

My boyfriend and I live successful lives. I'm a software engineer and work in IT and he is a corporate accountant. We live in the crazy city of San Francisco and live pretty normal lives except he wears panties to the office and sucks dick under my desk. I don't think most people can say that.

I do work from home and while I'm working I like to talk to people about my lifestyle. Since I am greedy and I do love money I won't do this for free. Are you kidding??? What kind of a loser would want me to tell them for free? I will talk to you over the phone through either my 888 number or one of the other choices below.


If you want to tell me how you enjoy those lifestyles or if it interests you to talk about them then call me at one of the numbers above.
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